Warhammer 40k: Aculei de Malleus

Encrypted Transmission

To High Lord Varrian, Master of the Administratum, a communique
Carried by Guild Astropathica (Pheron) via meme-wave 14~qB.99 secure
Path Detail:
Origin: Elysia 5, Pheron Sub 53294 Origin Date: 362.189.M42
Recieved: Terra, Sol Sub 00001 Reception Date: 366.189.M42

Author: Lieutenant-Colonel Duer Bak-Ingin


Thank you for reviewing my proposal. I believe that the project is the next best hope for mankind’s future. I have secured the facilities necessary, and I have the personnel selected and ready to transfer to this project.

All we need at this stage is the official endorsement from you to begin the project. I would be more than happy to provide any clarification on the projects finer details, should you require it.

We both know that the Imperium faces significant challenges, but with the grace of the God-Emperor, we will endure and triumph through any obstacle or foe. I only wish to have the ability to be one of the tools that the Imperium can wield to defend against our enemies, for the glory of the Emperor.

I shall await your final determination for the project with earnest. May the God-Emperor impart his wisdom to you and vouchsafe you to make the correct decision for all that is yours to protect and oversee.

Hallowed be the Golden Throne of Terra!

Duer Bak-Ingin

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